Work-Place Conflict Resolution

Happy Workers... Productive Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is estimated to cost businesses millions of dollars every year.  Mediation is a cost-effective and efficient way of dealing with workplace disputes, especially where the dispute is dealt with in the early stages of conflict. 

Workplace mediation can help to:

  • repair and improve relationships between employees;
  • reduce or eliminate workplace stress;
  • retain valuable employees;
  • reduce the number of formal grievances made to the employer;
  • avoid Employment Tribunals; and
  • maintain the reputation of the business in the community.

People often benefit by being given the opportunity to talk to a neutral third party confidentially about their experiences and feelings in the workplace.

Work-Place Conflict Resolution

Mediations can either be held on the business premises or from our mediation rooms.  A report can be prepared for your Human Resources Department to advise whether mediation was successful and what outcomes were discussed.  Your organization can then assess this report and decide whether to address the issues further on-site to prevent similar disputes from arising in the future.

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Pre-Mediation Intake Session (to gather information from each party and assess whether mediation is suitable) – from $250.00

Mediation Joint Session (when the parties come together to discuss the issues with mediator assistance) – from $500.00

Full Day Mediation Session (upon request and usually where it is important to get the matter resolved quickly) - from $950.00

Fees include all administration and preparation of necessary corrrespondence during the course of mediation, as well as the mediation.
Extra costs will be charged for board room hire, travel and after hours meetings as required.

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