Reconciliation Mediation

Perth's Specialists in Family Reconciliation Mediation

Sometimes it is just a matter of acknowledging a wrong done against a loved one or offering a simple apology that can help mend a dispute.  
At other times however, when a rift has been caused by a deep betrayal of trust, the person who has been hurt needs time out to reflect and restore themselves, before they can be ready to consider whether or not they want to work things out.  When they are ready, often the communication between the couple can be difficult, emotional or stifled.  

Our Family Mediators are here to help, as we are able to conduct Reconciliation Mediation with couples and other family members who wish to work on mending their relationship following a dispute. 

It is also the case, that sometimes when we interview our clients who come to us specifically to discuss s
ettlement matters with their ex partner we discover that there are still deep feelings between the parties and sometimes to the extent that we ask whether there is any reconciliation possible.  If the parties agree then again we can offer Reconciliation Mediation for the couple to come together to discuss their issues in an open and civil manner to try to come to some form of resolution in order for the relationship to continue.

Family Mediation can help each person in the conflict work to understand and express their feelings, needs, their role in the estrangement, and the
goals they would like to achieve moving forward as a couple or family unit again.

Our Family Mediator will often perform Reconciliation Mediation in conjunction with our Family Counsellor, who is also here to support clients through what can often be a highly emotionally time.

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