Financial Settlement & Property Mediation

Specialists in Financial Settlements & Property Mediation

Separation can be a stressful time for any couple and sorting out joint finances can certainly add to that stress and lead to further conflict.  Financial Settlement & Property Mediation can help you through this difficult time. 

The Financial Settlement & Property Mediation process involves one of our FDR practitioners (Family Mediators) meeting with you and your former partner to help you identify and clarify all of your assets and liabilities and facilitate a discussion between you as to how best to deal with them, before negotiating a mutually acceptable Financial Settlement Agreement to finalise the financial relationship.  The Financial Settlement Agreement essentially sets out how you and your former partner’s property will be divided up and dealt with.

Property Mediation is now a pre-action requirement for Family Court proceedings in relation to financial & property matters, with an accredited and registered FDR practitioner like ourselves.

There are also advantages in undertaking Financial Settlement & Property Mediation to negotiate a Financial Settlement Agreement which includes:

  • an often speedier resolution, less time and money spent on lawyers fees and court action
  • less emotional stress on the parties and impact on any children of the relationship

A Financial Settlement Agreement can remain just that or may be registered with the Family Court to make it a binding agreement - Property Order.  Legal and/or financial advice will always be recommended to our clients first before any Agreement is signed. We have close ties to the legal profession and can make referrals for legal advice for property matters on request.

Our Principal Mediator has specialist training and experience in Solicitor-Assisted Mediations, and as such lawyers can be present at Financial Settlement & Property Mediation sessions where requested and agreed to by both parties in advance.

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