"Our Children, Forever..." Co-Parenting Program


This unique and specifically in-house developed program runs for 8 weekly sessions of 1.5 hrs per session and is suited to separating couples or anyone interested in assisting children to navigate through family separation and successfully build their strength and skills.

Week 1Is Separation and Divorce Bad For Children?

We all know that separation and divorce can be challenging for everyone involved and for children it can also be very confusing. However, if it is managed well by the adults, separation doesn't have to be harmful for children in the long run. In fact, there can be positives. Discover what these may be and how to achieve positive outcomes in your family after separation.

Week 2: What Does Stress Look Like and How Does it Affect Us?

Stress exists in all aspects of life and is experienced by everyone at various points in life. However life events such as separation and the process of separation can be one of life’s biggest stressors and its impacts in our lives are far reaching. The good news is that learning what stress looks like and how our body is impacted is key to its regulation and management and this is our focus this week.

Week 3: Grief and Loss of Relationships

The experience of grief associated with the loss of a relationship is not unlike the grief experienced with any other permanent loss. Exploring how grief affects both parents and children alike but in different ways, together with discussing strategies to manage our emotions and help our kids to manage theirs is the focus of this week.

Week 4: Transition - from Joined to Separated

Moving forward involves the recognition of the transition from a joined family to a separated family and how the dynamics of families change. Exploring this and assisting children in the management of these changes is this week’s focus.

Week 5: What does Conflict look like and how does it Affect us?

Conflict is an unavoidable and necessary facet of life, but how do we ensure that it is a motivating and illuminating factor as opposed to a destructive factor. How can we use conflict for good? Explore this with us this week.

Week 6: Ages and Developmental Stages, What Children Need

Children need a safe and secure emotional base regardless of what kind of family they live in. However for separated parents knowing what that base looks like and how to provide it can be challenging. In this week’s session, we look at what children need at various ages and stages of development, especially after separation.

Week 7: Developing Strategies for Coping and Navigating Separation with your Children.

Leading on from last week, we develop the discussion this week to explore specific strategies for the provision of needs to children coping with parental separation and navigating their own path to moving forward and accepting the new structure of their family.

Week 8: Freedom, Healing and Moving Forward

Moving forward from separation, forming new family structures, routines, feeling hopeful about yours and your children’s future, will be the focus of this week’s discussion.

* The program is also run as a weekend course (minimum numbers required).


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