Perth Mediators

MARY CHOY, B.Sc,BLaws Juris Doctor (LLB(Hons)),GDLP,GDFDR
Director & Principal Mediator

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Mary is a qualified and experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner accredited with AIFLAM and Legal Aid WA as a panel chairperson for family law matters and legally assisted mediations.

Specialising in Family Law Mediation, Mary assists families affected by separation or divorce work out appropriate arrangements for their children and/or property settlement as an alternative to going to Court.  

Where children are involved, the Family Court's paramount consideration being "in the best interests of the child" is also carried through in Mary's mediations by providing a conducive forum and process for the parties to be able to communicate as parents.  

During the course of mediation, Mary also works with her clients to improve their communication skills as co-parents and to build up parental alliance, with mediation being seen as a first step towards a positive future for families in transition.

Where mediation is not successful or appropriate in the given instance however, then as an accredited and registered practitioner with the Attorney General's Department, Mary is authorised to issue Section 60I FDR Exemption Certificates under the Family Law Act 1975 to enable parties to proceed with an application in the Family Court.

As a registered (but now non practising) Lawyer with experience in Family Law, Property Law, Commercial Law, Employment Law, Wills and Estates, Mary can offer client's direct insight into the workings of the court and collaborates with parties' lawyers with mutual respect.

Nationally Accredited Mediator 

Mary is nationally accredited with LEADR under the National Mediator Accreditation Scheme (NMAS) making her a nationally recognized Mediator able to perform a broad range of mediations across different industry and community settings.

Mary has a business management background prior to law with experience in workplace dispute resolution, performing successful mediations for corporations, small businesses, not for profit organisations, local councils and community groups.  

Specialist Training

Mary has additional specialist training in:

  • Mediation-Style Conferencing
  • Solicitor-Assisted Mediations
  • Workplace Dispute Resolution
  • Conflict Management Coaching

Mary is recognised by the legal fraternity as a WA Nationally Accredited Mediator and Mediation Style Conference Chair (with inclusion on the AIFLAM and Legal Aid WA list of mediators) for legally led mediations.

Amongst all of the above, Mary also holds a Science degree and is currently undertaking further post-graduate studies in Counselling (Family Therapy) to deepen her already extensive knowledge base and expand the range of services she has to offer to her clients.

With her diverse insight coupled with her broad range of skills and expertise, Mary understands the needs of her clients to be treated not with sympathy or judgment but with respect, consideration and care.  Mary also understands that her clients need to be the ones in control of their lives and their decisions and not third party interveners.  As such, Mary will always listen attentively to her clients and understand their needs before offering any guidance, which will always be practical and realistic in nature.

Other Mediators

Our Principal Mediator collaborates with a team mediators and counsellors based throughout the Perth community.

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