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Life Coaching Services by Diane Porteous

Life Coaching Perth, Master Practitioner in NLP
Does life sometimes feel challenging, or are you just finding your goals and personal commitments difficult to follow through on?

Well the good news is, life is not meant to be a constant challenge. How would you feel if you had someone to guide you and support you to make those positive changes in your life to take it to the next level?


Coaching aims to improve your overall effectiveness in your life by providing personal empowerment tools and coaching support to help you take your life to the next level.

Some of the areas Coaching helps with:

  • Developing an understanding of what is important to you in your life, what is your vision or even your life purpose
  • Setting winning Goals in each important area of your life and lifting your self-motivation to make them a reality!
  • How to overcome any limiting beliefs and barriers that are holding you back
  • Improve your communication and overcome challenging relationships
  • Increase your self-awareness and management of your emotions (emotional intelligence) to improve the quality of your life.
  • Replacing negative thought patterns with those that aremore positive and empowering
  • Deal better with stress and how to access an optimal state at any time
  • And any specific area of Health and Wellness, Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development...

Qualified Life Coach, Diane Porteous, now offers personal life coaching sessions at the Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre.


Some of the areas Diane specialises in include:

-       Personal Life coaching

-       Management coaching

-       Leadership development

-       Career development or to assist a smooth transition to a new role

-       Fostering team communication, collaboration and building

-       Executive coaching

Life Coaching Perth


Workshops for individuals: Setting winning Goals and overcoming challenges, Understanding your personal Vision and core Values, Personal Leadership – Your pathway to Success, People Leadership – Fostering Collaboration for Success, Developing your personal brand and raising your profile. 

Company workshops: Developing your Company Vision and Cultural Values, People Leadership, Developing your company Brand, plus a range of training, coaching and workshops offered through Leadership Development and Cultural Change programs.


Diane is a qualified Life Coach and accredited Master Practitioner in NLP.  She combines her coaching skills with the powerful techniques of NLP to help clients make positive lasting change in their life.  Diane has a unique combination of both business consultancy and life coaching skills allowing her to work with individuals in both their personal and professional life.  Her true passion is to help others discover their true potential and empower them on their life journey.

Diane is owner of Mpowerment Consulting and also part owner in The Inspiration Factory where she offers personal and business coaching, consultancy and facilitates a suite of her own successful workshops.  If you are interested to receive her regular personal and professional development articles or updates on her next workshops then please email her at or subscribe to The Inspiration Factory newsletter on

Diane is pleased to be offering Conflict & Life Coaching services to clients of the Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre in West Perth.  Appointments are available now so please do not hesitate to contact Diane directly on 0401 392 163 for a confidential obligation-free discussion about how life coaching can help you or to make an appointment.

Coaching Testimonials

“Diane's broad expertise, flexible approach and compassion made the consulting sessions so beneficial for me! After just 4 sessions, she has assisted me to feel more empowered to steer my life in a better direction and to feel better resourced for the future. I've now found a great new job aligned with my values and I'm prioritising more time for my passions!” - Karen  

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Di Porteous as a very powerful, inspirational and intuitive coach that walks the talk. She has the gift to help us find more purpose and freedom in a way that is very loving and light even when difficult blockages are being opened. I would trust Di to work with me at any level not only because of her great skills, but also the way I feel her heartfelt commitment to helping me live my greatest life.”- Melanie Hubbard

 Workshop Testimonials – “Self Leadership – your pathway to success”

“Di was a fabulous speaker – very real life examples and achievable outcomes”- Christina Holly

“Diane is so easy to listen to, her knowledge is clear and it is immediately able to be applied. Thank you, looking forward to more.” - Josique Lynch 

“Di’s Self-Leadership workshop is a must for anyone serious about empowering themselves with the right tools to lead a happy, purposeful, successful life. For me it was a great opportunity for reflection and checking-in on myself and where I am going and where I want to be. Thank you Di, the world needs people like you!” - Anna