PMCC "Let's Talk" TeleMediation & Counselling Service

Information for Clients

In early 2018, the Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre commenced its “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation and counselling service, in recognition of the need to support separated couples and parents in Perth and across Australia.

The “Let’s Talk” service provides family mediation and counselling services for anyone experiencing family separation and/or child custody issues via a video call platform.

Our “Let’s Talk” service offers the same confidentiality and quality of care available through face-to-face meetings and also affords those with limited access equal access to a quality family mediation service.  

Q & A's

So how exactly does your “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation service work?

Our “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation and counselling service refersto a videoconference consultation between you and your family mediator and counsellor that uses both a video and audio connection. It is similar to video calls that you may make using programs such as FaceTime or Skype.

How much does your “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation service cost?

$50 per hourly session per party plus GST.

We know, this is an unbeatable price for a quality, efficient and convenient service… and it’s because we no longer have the expensive office overheads we used to have with meeting our clients face-to-face in the city.

As the services are conducted using a video call platform though, you will obviously need to cover the cost of any internet / mobile data usage to enable the call, so check your mobile plan first!

Who can access the “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation service?

The answer is simply, everyone! No referral needed. Just make sure you have:

  • A stable internet connection / mobile internet access from the location that you will be at when you participate in the video call; and
  • Your own mobile device, laptop or desktop computer with a camera, microphone and speakers (a fully charged computer is preferable but not essential if connected to a power source).

It is also preferable that you participate in the video call from a quiet, private space.

If you do not have a stable internet connection or a device that is able to receive video calls, contact your local community centre or library, who may be able to help or contact us on 0409 917 775 for further assistance.

What type of computer or mobile will I need?

Our “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation and counselling service uses a video call program, that can be used on almost any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

In most cases you will not need to download any specific software to use the program, however, some devices may ask your permission to launch the app used to enable you to join the video call.

How do I join the video call?

Once an appointment between you and your mediator/counsellor has been scheduled, you will receive an email containing a weblink and a Meeting ID. To join the video call, simply click on the weblink at your agreed appointment time.

You can also join the video call by clicking the “Join Meeting” tab on the app’s website. You will be asked to enter the Meeting ID provided in the email and your name, and you will then be accepted into the video call.

Detailed information on how to join the video call will be emailed to you with the meeting invitation confirming your first video appointment.

Is the video call platform secure and will my privacy be protected?

The video call platform we use has been carefully selected and is used by other health professionals. It is a secure and stable system that can be used on almost any device. It uses the latest technology to ensure that all calls are secure.

Your mediator and/or counsellor is required to adhere to the same privacy and confidentiality regulations for a Teleservice meeting as for a face-to-face service meeting, and will be able to discuss the details of these requirements with you at your first meeting or initial telephone call.

How do I register for your “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation and Counselling service?

To register for the program, call us on 0409 917 775 or email

You will need to complete a client registration form and submit it to us to complete the registration process. You can download the Client Registration Form from our website homepage

What happens once I’ve registered for the “Let’s Talk” service?

Once you have registered for our “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation and counselling service and submitted your completed client registration form, our staff will assign you to one of our mediators and/or counsellors. An appointment will be booked between you and the practitioner at a mutually convenient time.

Once the appointment has been booked, you will receive an email containing a weblink and a Meeting ID. At the time of the appointment, click on the link within the email (or login through the “Join Meeting” tab on the apps websiteusing the Meeting ID) and you will join the video call with your practitioner.

Who do I contact for more information or to book an appointment?

For more information or to book an appointment, call our supportive staff on 0409 917 775 or email

Who do I contact if I need immediate or urgent help?

PMCC and our “Let’s Talk” TeleMediation and counselling service is unable to provide crisis support.

If you need urgent help, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 24 hrs a day 7 days per week.