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Perth's Family Separation Specialists

Our Family Law Mediators are qualified and accredited Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) practitioners with years of experience and countless mediation hours in both the public and private legal and mediation sectors.

We assist families affected by separation or divorce to resolve matters as amicably and cooperatively as possible out of Court. 

Family Dispute Resolution as an Alternative Process to Lawyers or Court

FDR is generally a structured semi-formal process, which entails the FDR practitioner inviting the family members involved to a meeting, where the FDR practitioner facilitates a discussion, for the parties to come up with ways in which they can resolve the differences between them, to reach some common ground, and to start the journey moving on with their lives separately.  

Even though it is a structured process we are able to tailor our mediations to suit our client's circumstances and needs.

Both Joint Session mediation appointments (when parties meet together in the same room) or Shuttle mediation appointments (when parties meet together in separate rooms) are available as dependent on parties needs.

We also have the ability to meet with parties online via Skype and teleconference.

For complicated or high conflict matters support persons may be able to attend and we are also able to offer Co-mediation where parties have the expertise of 2 qualified FDR practitioners present and working for them at their mediation.

Family Dispute Resolution Can Assist With a Range of Issues

FDR can help people to agree on a range of issues relating to children and/or financial issues, including but not limited to:

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Contact Arrangements
  • Hand Overs
  • Travel
  • Communication
  • Property and Financial settlement

Your PMCC FDR practitioner can also assist you in drafting Parenting Plans and mediated Property Settlement Agreements.

The Benefits of Family Dispute Resolution are Numerous

  • Children are the primary focus
  • Less costly, time consuming and stressful than going to court
  • Having control over decisions affecting you and your family
  • Resolving differences so you can get on with your life
  • Finding practical solutions you can live with
  • Having your point of view heard
  • Being in a confidential, safe and neutral place in which to discuss parenting and financial issues
  • Reaching agreements respectfully

PMCC FDR Practitioners Possess Specific Skill-sets
These skills include:

  • Maintaining an objective, neutral and impartial outlook
  • The ability to inspire confidence and build relationships of trust with clients
  • Being a skilled and empathic listener
  • Asking questions that encourage and allow people to talk openly about the issues
  • Encouraging people to come up with their own options and solutions
  • Providing high quality and successful family dispute resolution  

Australian Family Law has Changed

Family Law in Australia has changed significantly over the past decade, with FDR now being a compulsory first step in the Family Law Courts in relation to children’s matters such as an application for Parenting Orders.

FDR is also a preferred first step for many people because it often results in better outcomes, and being a more circumvented approach is undoubtedly in the better interests of families to being dragged through legal system for sometimes up to 2 years.

Where a dispute between family members is resolved though FDR, the FDR practitioner is also able to prepare an agreement or Parenting Plan that the parties can sign and which may be able to be registered with the Family Court to make it a binding agreement such as a Parenting or Property Order.  

FDR can also be useful where changes to an existing parenting agreement or Consent Order are needed or are being sought by either parent.

You don't need to go to court for these things which unfortunately some people still believe they do.

Family Law Specialists

The Family Court and family law fraternity recognises Family Law Specialists and our Family Law Mediators have specialist training, experience and recognition in both the public and private mediation sectors including Mediation Case Conference Chairing & Solicitor-Assisted Mediations.  Don't settle for anything less than a qualified and experienced professional to handle your post separation issues.

As we accept that we are often part of the legal process, we collaborate closely with the legal profession, with a large referral base being from family lawyers, and with parties lawyers being able to be present at FDR sessions where requested and agreed to by both parties.

Where a matter cannot be resolved through FDR and the parties have made a genuine attempt to do so, or where the FDR practitioner determines that mediation is not the best course of action for the parties right now, we are able to issue a section 60I FDR exemption Certificate for the parties to proceed with an application directly to the Family Court.  Certificates can only be issued by qualified and accredited FDR practitioners.

Connect with a PMCC FDR Specialists

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PMCC is Perth's Accessible & Affordable Private Dispute Resolution Service Alternative to Court

We provide an accessible and affordable private dispute resolution service to the community, with prompt and efficent appointments available now and no waiting lists - why wait in the public sector when you can get the same if not better service in the private sector from qualified and experienced practitioners trained in both the public and private sectors!

The cost of FDR for parenting matters at PMCC using our new Telemediation service is as low as $50 per hour. Most government funded family relationship centres are just that, subsidised, not fully covered with out of pocket expenses up to $250 for income earners (based on $1 per $1,000 earnings).

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