Conflict Management Coaching

Adversity is a fact of life... it’s how you respond to it that counts!

Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching share common ground in that the same skill set is required to be successful facilitators of both.  Our mediators are also trained Life Coaches who are able to assist you in dealing with conflict across a broad range of areas, whether it be work or home related.

Conflict management coaching is a voluntary and confidential process that focuses on conflict management goals and assists individuals to manage their interpersonal conflicts more effectively. 

Coaching is not to be mistaken for counselling, which tends to examine and reflect on the past rather than focus on the future.  Coaching is also not mentoring, as we recognize as coaches that our clients are the experts in their lives and we are their cheer squad!

Our conflict coaching service entails a coach meeting with you to:

  • discuss the conflict;
  • identify goals;
  • identify the steps required to achieve those goals;
  • identify and examine any obstacles to achieving the goals;
  • explore and test out realistic options and solutions (usually via role-playing scenarios); and
  • devise practical strategies for managing and/or resolving conflict. 

Conflict management coaching may help you to decrease or eliminate the stress derived from the conflict and will also provide you with the necessary skills to be able to deal with conflict constructively again in the future.

Our Mediators and Life Coaches are also available to perform Workplace and Community Conflict Management Seminars.  Contact us directly for more details.

Standard Fee Schedule

Pre-Coaching Intake Session (to gather information and assess whether coaching is suitable) – from $100.00

Coaching Sessions – from $100.00 per hour

Fees are GST exclusive.

Fees include all administration and preparation of necessary documents.

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