Community & Neighbourhood Dispute Resolution

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Community Dispute Resolution

Talking directly with your neighbour or other person in your community one-on-one is usually the best way to resolve a dispute.  However, if talking and/or other modes of communication have not been working for you, then we can assist by providing the forum and processes to enable communication to happen in a safe and constructive way through mediation.

Our mediator will guide you and your neighbour through discussions about your concerns and issues and explore possible options to see if there are any viable solutions that may be acceptable to the both of you to resolve the dispute.

Mediation is not a legal process but it may be a faster, cheaper and better way of resolving the conflict than commencing legal action, with you owning the decision-making power and not a Court.

Mediation is also confidential to the parties, so third parties are generally not able to sit in or gain access to the information discussed during the course of mediation, unless prior consent has been given by both parties.*

Neighbour Mediation

Our mediators also aim to improve communication between the parties and help equip them to deal with future conflicts should they arise, which is especially important if you are neighbours.

If some form of agreement is reached at the end of the mediation then the mediator can help write up an agreement for you.

* Statutory exceptions apply and legal advice may be recommended depending on the nature of the dispute.

Accessible & Affordable Dispute Resolution

Our aim is to provide an accessible and affordable dispute resolution service to the community
with negotiable fees based on the nature of the dispute and time required
and with prompt and efficent appointments and no waiting lists!
Teleconference and Online and mediation sessions also available. 
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