Business Mediation

Business Mediation... Preserves Relationships

Mediation is an effective way of resolving commercial disputes and preserving important business relationships for the long-term mutual benefit of the businesses involved.  Successful mediation is therefore often more about managing the relationship between the parties than the business issues. 

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Businesses often prefer to initiate mediation to resolve their commercial disputes, over more formal proceedings, because:

  • the process and outcome is completely confidential to the parties involved;
  • the participants retain control over the outcome;
  • it is often quicker and less expensive than legal proceedings; and
  • it can often preserve business relationships and reputations.

A lot of small businesses can also simply not afford the risk of entering into protracted and costly litigation – mediation costs are a fraction of litigation costs.

Our mediators can work with the businesses in dispute to:

  • identify the key issues in dispute;
  • develop options for resolving the issues;
  • consider alternatives; and
  • try to attain some form of agreement for moving forward.

If an agreement cannot be reached at mediation, then at minimum some of the issues in dispute may have been clarified and thereby help to foster a better relationship between the businesses in future.


Pre-Mediation Intake Session (to gather information from each party and assess whether mediation is suitable) – from $250.00

Mediation Joint Session (when the parties come together to discuss the issues with mediator assistance) – from $300.00 per hour

Full Day Mediation Session (upon request and usually where it is important to get the matter resolved quickly) - from $1,000.00

Fees include all administration and preparation of necessary corrrespondence for both parties during the course of mediation, as well as the mediation.
Extra costs will be charged for board room hire, travel and after hours meetings.

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