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Affordable & Accessible Dispute Resolution Services

Our Practice

PMCC our Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are fully accredited, registered and experienced with diverse backgrounds but with the same goal to assist you to come to a resolution that you can live with as efficiently as possible.

Our qualified and experienced Counsellors also assist in supporting parties through what we understand may be one of the most difficult times in your life.

Together we can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

We specialise in:

  • Family Dispute Resolution (incl Family Law Mediations, preparing Parenting Plans and issuing of Section 60I FDR Exemption Certificates)
  • Property Mediation (incl Property Settlement Agreements) 
  • Reconciliation Mediation (for couples and families)
  • Grand Parenting Mediation (incl preparing Grand Parenting Plans
  • Individual, Couples, Co-Parenting and Family Counselling
  • Co-Parenting Education & Workshops
We can also help with:
  • Elder Mediation
  • Business & Commercial Mediations 
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution 
  • Conflict Management Coaching
  • Community & Neighbourhood Dispute Resolution (incl boundary fence issues)

Our Vision

Our motto is “Caring through Understanding and Cooperation” which means that we will always strive to understand your needs and work with you together with other relevant service providers and stakeholders to attain realistic and achievable goals.

Our Mission

With mediation recognised as being the first step in the court process across most jurisdictions now, our goal at PMCC is to keep your matter out of Court, empower you to make your own decisions and help you come to a resolution you can live with. 

We aim to provide a premier yet affordable and accessible dispute resolution and counselling service, comparable to government funded agencies but without the potentially expensive and protracted litigation process and without the waitlists.

We also offer quick and easy formalisation of parenting arrangements and property settlement agreements in the one session for amicable separations to save separated couples time, money and stress.

Our People

Mary Choy is the founding Director of PMCC and its Principal Mediator.

As one of Perth's most qualified mediators, a background in law and with accreditation and experience in Family Dispute Resolution Mary specialises in Family Law Mediation, assisting families affected by separation or divorce work out appropriate arrangements for their children and/or property settlement as an alternative to going to Court. 

Mary is also an AIFLAM and Legal Aid WA accredited mediator and conference chairperson for Family Court and government funded mediations. 

Where mediation is not successful or appropriate however, then as a registered FDR practitioner with the Attorney General's Department, Mary is authorised to issue Section 60I FDR Exemption Certificates under the Family Law Act 1975 to enable parties to proceed with an application in the Family Court.  

Mary is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS) with a business management background prior to law and who specialises and has experience in workplace dispute resolution, performing successful mediations for corporations, small businesses, not for profit organisations, local councils and community groups.  

Mary collaborates with a team of external mediation practitioners covering multiple locations across Perth to deliver to clients the best services with the best possible outcomes.

We also collaborate and work in cooperation with external service providers including life coaches, child psychologists, psychiatrists, other health professionals, government agencies and the legal profession.

Our Service Promise

PMCC offers a highly professional, prompt and efficient service (including urgent or last minute), in a warm and non-judgmental environment.

Our Locations

PMCC is now a specialist online Telemediation service, based in Perth W.A. and available across Australia.

With online dispute resolution quickly becoming the future of our profession and a safe space for separated couples and other family members to meet, with no costly inner city overheads to cover too, we now provide Telemediation services, including the Joint session (when parties meet together in the same room) and Shuttle if needed (when parties meet together in separate rooms).

No computer access? No problem, as we can meet via FaceTime, WeChat or any other online app agreed between the parties as well.

Download our Information Page and Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about this service.

To register for this service download and complete our Client Registration Form and email it to us at info@perthmediationcentre.com.au

Our Fees

Our fees our highly competitive and fixed fee mediation and counselling packages are available at a discounted rate. We offer concession rates for online mediations.

Payment method is in advance by direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Complete the Enquiry Form on our homepage today to receive a complimentary and obligation free preliminary information pack including our schedule of fees.

We guarantee to match or beat any genuine like for like service.

Our Contact Details

Please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the Enquiry Form contained on our home page, which we guarantee to respond to within 24 hours.                                      

Mary - PMCC Principal Mediator & Consultant

Mediation in action

Telemediation in action

Parties achieving resolution via mediation

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