What the Education Department Acknowledges is Lacking in Our Schools


Research studies consistently find that conflict management programs produce significant benefits for schoolchildren from improved classroom engagement, academic achievement, self-control and healthier interpersonal relationships to decreased aggression, disruptive behaviour, drop-out rates and social withdrawal.

Due to the many advantages of fostering a culture of dispute management and mediation in the education sector, the Australian government encourages schools to integrate conflict resolution education into teaching and learning activities.

According to the Education Department, the W.A. Curriculum Framework creates many opportunities for its incorporation but few schools choose to capitalise on them, prompting an appeal to the dispute resolution sector.

“The mediation community has the opportunity, together with educators in schools, to help bring the benefits of conflict resolution education to young people and their communities”.

As a specialist in dispute resolution and leader in conflict management training, PERTH MEDIATION & COUNSELLING CENTRE (PMCC) has responded to the Education Department’s call to action by making Conflict Management Coaching available to teachers and administrators. Conveniently held on the school’s premises, the program involves multi-modal education in conflict resolution to ensure educators are equipped to mediate a wide range of school-related disputes. Staff are taught strategies and skills to resolve workplace conflict and parental disputes, given the tools to facilitate bullying intervention and peer mediation, and learn how to empower students to negotiate interpersonal issues amongst themselves calmly and respectfully.

The feedback received from participant schools has been exceedingly positive.

“The delivery of your service was very interesting and informative.”
"Facilitators adapted their information to suit our professional needs.”
"Presenters were approachable and the way in which information was given helped me better understand the tools.”
"The [presenters’] knowledge and delivery of the topic was very good, they were very friendly and helpful and made me feel comfortable to share my views.”
                                                                                                              PMCC Conflict Management Coaching

Impressed with the content and delivery of the coaching, educators reported better understanding of conflict management processes and the strategies and tools required for successful dispute resolution. On a scale ranging from Unsatisfied to Very Satisfied, 90% of participants awarded PMCC’s Conflict Management Coaching the highest satisfaction rating.

PMCC is committed to assisting schools cultivate the healthiest, most productive learning environment possible for their students. To book a conflict management training seminar or for more information about our coaching, counselling and dispute resolution services, please contact us on (08) 9429 8878 or via email at info@perthmediationcentre.com.au.