The Challenge of Competent Co-parenting


Seven months after this video of a six-year-old girl giving her mother co-parenting advice went viral, it's still making the rounds on social media sites, even trending again recently.

Its global popularity illustrates how deeply the experience of parental separation resonates with people and highlights the importance of emotion management, conflict resolution and effective co-parenting.

Children need safety and stability in their home environments for healthy psychosocial development. They have an innate awareness of, and sensitivity to, dysfunctional family dynamics far beyond what parents credit them with, which can have long-term effects that shape their perception and behavior in adulthood

According to the Federal Government’s Department of the Attorney-General, a review of family law support services revealed post-separation parenting as the highest ranked common need amongst registered service users. Over 71% of the respondents identified it as their presenting need.

Given the negative impact discordant parenting has on child wellbeing and the large demand for post-separation parenting services, a major focus at Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre (PMCC), also known as Perth Family Mediators (PFM), is to work with parents during and post-separation to improve communication between co-parents, preserve family relationships and ensure secure home environments are provided for the children.

Parents also have the opportunity to participate in Child Focused Co-Parenting Sessions with an experienced family counsellor and family dispute resolution practitioner to collaboratively strategize methods of improving their co-parenting alliance.

In addition, PMCC will again host their popular, co-parenting program “OUR CHILDREN, FOREVER”. This child-focused course runs for eight weeks in-house and covers essential topics such as coping with grief and loss, creating safe, emotional bases for children during relationship breakdown, the transition from joined family to separated family and how to achieve positive outcomes post-separation. Please note that this program is suitable for adults only and attendance to individual sessions is also available.  For more detailed program information, visit the What We Do section of our website

To register your interest for a Child Focused Co-Parenting Session with one of our experienced family counsellors, to attend the Our Children, Forever course, or to enquire about family dispute resolution, counselling, life coaching or any of our range of services, please contact PMCC on (08) 9429 8878 or via email at