PMCC Supports Hearing Awareness Week 2016


The 21st of August marks the start of Hearing Awareness Week. As a socially inclusive service, Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre (PMCC) is pleased to join the cause to make hearing Australia’s 10th national health priority.

Despite research showing hearing impairment to be one of the most prevalent health issues in our country, currently affecting one in six Australians, hearing is not one of our national health priorities. According to the Deafness Forum of Australia, this means there is a lack of investment in research, services and community education, “a barrier that is preventing too many Australians from reaching their potential”.

Our focus this month is to contribute towards breaking down that barrier. PMCC has partnered with Connect Hearing to provide our online community with informative but interesting and relatable content (such as the below article covering the consequences of hearing loss upon daily life) as well as to present case studies that explore how people are impacted by problematic hearing. In support of our community members struggling with issues of hearing, we are bridging the service gap by offering counseling sessions at a vastly discounted rate.

How Hearing Loss Affects Your Daily Life

Connect Hearing & Marsha Tang, Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre

If you've recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, it can be a confronting and challenging experience. The uncertainty of how the hearing impairment will impact your daily life and the effect it will have on your personal and professional relationships is a major concern for sufferers. So it’s reassuring to know that you don’t have to endure this alone. Family members, friends and colleagues are usually more than happy to be of assistance. Don’t be afraid to ask them to help you manage this new life challenge. Many people also find counselling integral to their adjustment process. Therapy can help individuals accept their condition and facilitate a smoother transition through empowerment and empathic support.

In the initial stages of their transition, people often feel as though they are being excluded from activities and conversations simply because they are can’t hear what’s going on around them. To minimise upset and confusion, bear in mind that your peers are probably even less informed than you are and may be unaware of your negative emotions and experience. It may seem contrary considering your condition but at this time, it’s even more important to keep communicating. Ask people to speak up, to repeat their sentence or to clarify situations. Others need time to adapt to the changes too.

Read case studies on Connect Hearing's website to be inspired by people who have successfully overcome their hearing loss-based communication barriers and their article ‘How Hearing Loss Impacts Daily Life and the Workplace’ which features PMCC and offers helpful insights on ways to communicate better with your family, friends and colleagues.

How We Can Help

At Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre, we understand that major upheavals to our lives such as the onset of hearing loss can wreak havoc on people’s emotions. Studies show that hearing loss is associated with a wide range of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, anger, denial, shame, intimacy issues and social isolation. Marital and family breakdown is also more prevalent when hearing disorder is involved. Partners commonly experience increased stress from miscommunication and loss of self-esteem from intimacy withdrawal. Parents often feel emotionally and financially overwhelmed raising a child with deafness, and its not unusual for siblings to resent the extra time and attention given to their hearing afflicted brother/sister, triggering behavioural issues causing dysfunctional family dynamics. This is why it’s vital that support services are available to people struggling with hearing problems.

Counselling can significantly improve quality of life and help people restore meaningful connections in their personal and professional lives. Perth Mediation and Counselling Centre (PMCC) are a leading mediation and counselling service specialising in relationship and family therapy. Our empathic counsellors are accomplished in a range of therapeutic modalities to assist people with impaired hearing overcome the barriers affecting their normal functioning. PMCC therapists are also highly skilled in navigating couples through relationship repair using interventions tailored to their unique needs.


Until hearing is made a national health priority and services become more accessible and affordable to the public, PMCC is stepping up to bridge the gap. To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week 2016, community members mentioning this promotion can book counselling at the greatly discounted rate of $60/session. Contact us on 08 94298878 or email to book an appointment.