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Co-operative Co-parenting the Focus of Families with Children at the Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre

As family mediators and counsellors we see all too often parents entrenched in their own personal conflicts. At Perth Mediation and Counselling Centre (PMCC) we focus on the best interests of the children involved and help co-parents move forward in a more co-operative way. After all children and therefore co-parenting is forever!

We have tailored our family dispute resolution process to what we believe is a best practice model, which incorporates mediation supported by counselling and parent education. We believe that our holistic approach helps parents to better focus on the best interest of their children, whilst being supported as co-parents and individuals at the same time.

We have found that after parents have completed our unique family dispute resolution process they have a feeling of strength and hope for the future. They have also told us that they see positive changes in their children’s behaviour and a greater sense of happiness. We have found that there are so many benefits for the children when parents are able to work co-operatively, but the greatest benefit is when the children are able to just be kids again.

PPMCC offers an in-house co-parenting program, “Our Children, Forever…” a specifically developed program for separated parents and their families. The “Our Children, Forever…” program is designed to empower parents through education and support so that they are able to reflect, engage and find a better way to co-parent.

Over 8 weeks we cover a range of different topics, including but not limited to:

  • Is Separation bad for children?
  • Stress Management
  • Grief and Loss of relationships
  • Transition - from joint to separated
  • Conflict: effects on children
  • The developmental needs of children
  • Strategies for navigating separation with your children
  • Healing and moving forward

Our specialist presenters have extensive experience in dealing with parents and separation, coming from counselling, mediation and family law backgrounds.

Each session consists of 1 hour of interactive group work followed by 30 minutes of Q&A and refreshments. Morning and evening sessions available.

Location: 45 Ventnor Street, West Perth. Sessions also available in Joondalup and Rockingham.

Perth Mediation and Counselling Centre PMCC is also currently running a Spring Promotion for all new clients who book between now and Christmas, starting from $35 per hour we are the most competitive private mediation and counselling practice in Perth, akin to government funded agencies but without the lengthy waitlists. We also collaborate closely with other health professionals as well as our legal colleagues as required.

For all enquires:, (08) 9429 8878 / 0488 917 0970488 917 097,

Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre caring for our clients through understanding & co-operation.

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