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PMCC offers a broad range of mediation and counselling services to individuals, couples, co-parents & families, workplaces and community groups.

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Reach Agreement without Lawyers and Courts and without the associated Financial Stress whilst at the same time Preserving Relationships! 

Quality Service without the Price Tag

People who have achieved dispute resolution through mediation consider it to be far less expensive than hiring lawyers or going through the court system.  We also know that financial stress can lead to further conflict between people.  The cost savings coupled with the other benefits of mediating a successful resolution is why mediation has become the no. 1 dispute resolution choice for most people now, so much so that mediation can no longer be considered alternative dispute resolution but rather the primary dispute resolution process for most disputes. It is also one of the reasons the courts have made mediation a mandatory first step for dispute resolution across most jurisdictions now.

Mediation fees no matter where you go are going to be cheaper than lawyers fees. Our fees are highly competitive and with concession fees available for our online service. We still provide a quality service though as you can see from our client testimonials, with highly skilled, qualified and experienced practitioners who have experience both in the public and private community sectors and who genuinely care about our clients needs. Our business model, unlike a law firm's model, is not about making profits but about helping people and in particular families!

No Waiting List Policy

We understand the pain of separation from loved ones, the on-going conflict between people who matter, and the long lasting impact it can cause on relationships and self.  The longer you hold onto this pain or stress the worse it feels.  This can cause disputes to escalate quickly and even become out of control.  Damage to important relationships is the result.  Bitterness and resentment often clouds better judgement and bad decisions can be made in haste, which can lead to further sometimes lasting damage to those relationships.

We recognise that the last thing you need at this point, is to be on the end of a long waiting list.  We know from our experience, that early intervention is key to resolving disputes effectively and our highly skilled team is ready to help you now.  As long as parties are ready, willing and able, our whole process can take between one to two weeks.

High Rate of Success & Satisfaction

With a mediated agreement successful resolutions are reported to be as high as 75%.  Due to our unique mediation model ours may be even higher.  It is hard to measure, but not hard to compare with less than 40% level of satisfaction reported through litigation.  Ultimately it is reported that only around 2-3% of litigants even make it into court with time and money instead expended on lawyers negotiating agreements for their disputing clients. After mediation though, parties are likely to feel more empowered, relieved and satisfied that they have achieved a result that they own and can live with. 

Where families are involved, parents often report a sense of relief, that they have not just avoided court but also that the decisions they reached through the mediation process was more cooperative in nature and ultimately in the best interests of their children.  After the combative adversarial court process parties usually feel bitter towards the other and this makes co-parenting very difficult, if not impossible.  At PMCC our goal is to build up co-parenting alliances not to aid in their further break down. This is another reason the Family Court have also mandated mediation as the first step in the dispute resolution process - dragging families through court is ultimately not what is in the best interests of children!

Accredited Practitioners

In light of all of the above, mediation can only work to achieve the best outcomes when the parties who come to it are ready to negotiate and resolve matters and the practitioner who facilitates it knows what they're doing.  All of our practitioners at PMCC are highly educated with multiple degrees and accreditations and we are full-time dispute resolution practitioners nothing else.

It is important to note that not all mediators out there are as qualified or experienced as others or even accredited and this is important if you want a professional and accountable approach to your dispute resolution needs and also because certain legislative conduct rules apply to accredited practitioners. So always find out if shopping around for a dispute resolution service to meets your needs what mediation credentials the actual mediation practitioner has, do they do anything else, and what experience in terms of how many hours of mediation they have actually performed and their resolution rate.

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